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It's also a 3 Mar 2020 Only 300 will be built, and expect it to cost somewhere in the region of €1.7m. A lot of money for a family car, you might think, but considering the  Consulte aquí los datos técnicos de Koenigsegg Gemera (2020) | Precio, ficha técnica y equipamiento. 4 Mar 2020 the new 1677 Koenigsegg Gemera hybrid mega-GT is the perfect car a 1,677-HP Hybrid Hyper-GT with Four Seats, 248-MPH Top Speed. 3 Mar 2020 This is the new Koenigsegg Gemera, and it is a family car. Indeed, we know this because it has four seats, hot and cold cupholders, and the  19 Oct 2020 This is the first time Koenigsegg Gemera is visiting Dubai!Special thanks to Al Ain Class - https://www.alainclass.com/and Koenigsegg  Koenigsegg Gemera. Limited Production - 300 Vehicles Worldwide. Available in Left or Right Hand Drive.

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If you're located in Irvine, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Newport Coast or the surrounding areas, we're the Koenigsegg dealer for you. Koenigsegg Gemera rear 3/4 | Koenigsegg. Oh, and because it’s a hybrid, the Koenigsegg Gemera also has an onboard 15-kWh battery pack. That’s only enough capacity to give the hypercar a 31-mile range, Automobile reports. However, even in pure-electric mode, the Gemera can go up to 186 mph. 2020-03-06 · Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg unveiled the Gemera, its first four-seat supercar that's billed as being perfect for "family trips" and will reportedly cost $1.9 million.

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The Koenigsegg Gemera seen at Salon Prive, held at Blenheim Palace. de Ville Aerodynamic Body, with an estimated sale price of 120,000 GBP, prior to the.

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Koenigsegg 2019 Regera. Starting at. If you’ve ever wanted to take four of your buddies to 250 mph, the new 1,677 Koenigsegg Gemera hybrid mega-GT is the perfect car with three electric motors and a twin-turbo three-cylinder. The Gemera produces a combined 1.27 megawatts of power (or 1270kW to use a more traditional measure) and 3500Nm of torque and is able to sprint 0-100km/h in 1.9 seconds with a top speed of 400km/h Koenigsegg plans to put the Gemera in a limited production run of 300 examples with prices expected to be around $1 million.

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Läs mer om: Koenigsegg bilnyheter sistasidan  Koenigsegg Gemera. Aldrig tidigare har någon biltillverkare varit i närheten av en så snabb och stark 4-sitsig bil. Bilen gör 0-100 km/h på 1,9 sekunder och har  Svenskt pris kommer ligga runt 18,5 miljoner kronor. Koenigsegg planerar att få ut bilen till kunder 2022. Koenigsegg Gemera Gemera. En av dom stora inovationerna i Gemera är motorn.
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Koenigsegg gemera price

Koenigsegg says 0-62mph takes 1.9sec , and although top speed isn't quoted the, the transmission is  3 Mar 2020 It's the Koenigsegg Gemera and nothing about it makes sense. Even though the price is as-yet undisclosed, and assuming you can afford  8 Mar 2020 2021 Koenigsegg Gemera Review, Specs, Price - Tag: koenigsegg agera, koenigsegg gemera price, koenigsegg gemera engine, koenigsegg  You can find Koenigsegg Gemera, Koenigsegg Gemera Models and Koenigsegg Gemera Price etc. on Auto Vehicle at your service.

2020-03-03 · Koenigsegg Gemera Koenigsegg. The planned production run will be limited to just 300 vehicles with a price tag of $1.7 million each, so not only can we not afford one, If Koenigsegg’s previous creations are any indication, the Gemera will probably only be produced in very limited quantities, and it will likely fetch a price that’s worth several next-gen Koenigsegg’s cutting edge hybrid technology and innovative engineering shine through in the highly exclusive and high-powered 2020 Regera.
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Filter Stock. 2022 Koenigsegg Gemera 2015 Koenigsegg One:1 2021 Koenigsegg Regera 2022 Koenigsegg Gemera Price, Specs, Photos, & Redesign : 2022 Koenigsegg Gemera Price.