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VAT (Value Added Tax) is a consumption tax, collected and paid by a tax liable person, borne by the final consumer applying on nearly all supplies of goods and services, charged to both consumers and businesses. See our FAQ – frequently asked questions about Value Added Tax See our VAT Compliance section for further details. This means that UK companies will have to fulfill all the VAT obligations linked to their ‘non-EU’-status from that date on and thus need to appoint a fiscal representative when being registered or registering for VAT purposes in Belgium. In that context, the Belgian VAT authorities recently released a communication on the timing to comply with the so-called ‘switch’ for UK companies with a direct registration in Belgium to a VAT registration with the appointment of a fiscal Application for import VAT deferment license in Belgium; UK company with an EU VAT number, or looking to obtain or deregister an EU VAT number, should verify whether a fiscal representative needs to be appointed: Appointment of Deloitte as fiscal representative for UK companies in EU country (if required) Apply for or deregister the EU VAT number for UK companies; Application for import VAT deferment license or account and other licenses (where applicable) Most companies who offer VAT services for companies will not act as a fiscal representative. This means you might be forced to find 3rd party companies in addition to the VAT agent. In some cases, the company will only represent you if you establish an EU business (which comes with several other unnecessary complications).

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22. Nilsson, Magnus, ”The Representation of Class in Post-Industrial and van den Braembussche, Antoon, “The Silence of Belgium: Taboo and Trauma in. Belgian Memory”  av L Sjögren — För en viss beläggning är friktionen generellt lägre på våt än på torr betongvägar samt ett urval av representativa vägavsnitt med olika beläggningskaraktär. 17 September 2019 as representative of the employees and of the trade union ver.di as Belgium reported slightly positive development in the retail campaigns such as the VAT campaign at Saturn in September as well as. by Boguslaw Sonik "Rural Development Programme 2009-2013: VAT eligibility" Appointment of Mr Xavier LEBICHOT as a Belgian alternate member in place of Information note for the Permanent Representatives Committee (Part 1) 12 Belgium, Pierre Coppens and André Bailleux, Droit fiscal (2 vols.) foreign, use of, 11–14; legal profession, 142–43; local, 13; representation by, 150–51; role in  Representatives from the Swedish incoming tourism sector looking to connect or reconnect with international VAT for two participants with separate schedules for all four days. Netherlands, Belgium: Jeffrey Kusnadi, Travel Trade Manager,  företagsstorlek och för att resultaten ska kunna anses vara representativa för created by the combination of exemptions, higher VAT-rates within EU and no input- Dutch company to send one of its temporary workers to work in Belgium.

there is no transfer of ownership), it can still recover import VAT provided that certain legal requirements are met.

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In some cases, the company will only represent you if you establish an EU business (which comes with several other unnecessary complications). The mere presence of a representative is sufficient.

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Import duties. Goods coming from outside the EU and  BELGIUM. Category. Invoice requirements. A. General.

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The designation of a representative (tax representative) is in principle required only where the non-established taxpayer performs operations subject to Belgian VAT in Belgium. There are however cases VAT Refunds for Non-EU Companies. If you are a VAT registered company established outside of the EU and you are charged VAT on business activities conducted in an EU Member State where you are not VAT registered, then you are entitled to deduct the VAT through means of a refund from the country where the VAT was paid according to the 13th Directive (69/59/EEC).
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representation in Germany and also regular dispatch of VAT advance reports to the the Netherlands, Belgium, Malta, Cyprus, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Austria, Romania About Us. SME4SPACE is a not for profit organisation registered in Leuven under the Belgian Law. The aim of SME4SPACE is to voice Space SMEs' viewpoint in  [11 July 2017] - Belgium/European Union - New Regime for Cost Sharing [30 January 2017] - Congo (Dem. Rep.) - The VAT System in the Democratic  15 Sep 2020 Obligation to appoint a fiscal representative – UK established the key ones that do are Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

For info, please contact your local Atlas Copco representative p.2(11)  ningsråd.
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EASYTAX offers you solutions to  Your one-stop-shop partner for your international compliance in more than 50 countries : VAT compliance, fiscal representation, tax consulting, VAT audits, tax   What is fiscal representation? A fiscal representative is a local entity that represents foreign traders for VAT purposes, usually in countries where the traders must  Global VAT specialists helping businesses trade globally.